Paris Food Bites


It is so easy to eat bad and highly priced food in Paris.

Paris Food Bites provides reviews of reasonably priced and good quality places in Paris. And we have gone to these restaurants not once, not twice but tens of times over several years.

We do not publish a review of a place that we have not tested at least ten times. You therefore get reviews of places that have been consistent over the years. Our website does not therefore contain reviews of hundreds of restaurants but about 20 places that we like.

To keep this website simple we have grouped the restaurants into 5 main continents. Simply click on a continent on the menu on the left to check out restaurants of that particular continent

Each time you are at a loss as to where to go, just check us out - whenever a friend visting Paris asks me where to eat, I send him/her the link to this website.

We hope that you like this website – put it in your favorites - we will be adding new restaurants on a regular basis.

Bon appétit!