Paris Food Bites


Al Wady - Tasty Lebanese Mezes

Perhaps the best Lebanese restaurant in Paris?

In any case, the dishes are prepared with a lot of attention to detail and the slight addition that makes a difference. For example, small pieces of seared liver are put on the top of the Homos, pomegranate seeds are added to the Moutabal. I would recommend that you go with the mezze to get a taste of the variety of dishes that this restaurant has to offer. Polish off your meal with their desserts mafrouka or osmeille, moulabhiye, and fruits. Reservations are recommended

Mezze for 2: 41 euros; Starters: 4 to 13 euros; Main Dishes: 14 to 22 euros; Wine: 22 to 25 euros (bottle)

Address & Phone
Adresse : 153, rue de Lourmel 75015-Paris
Phone : 01 45 58 57 18

Thai Yim Authentic Thai Street Food

Thai street food at its best. A superb choice of starters and main dishes that are spiced according to your needs. The salads are out of this world with their variety of meats. My favorite starter is the crispy fish cutlets. Try also the entire beam fish that is deep fried and served in 10 minutes flat. Another favorite is pork/beef/duck stirred fried with green pepper and basilic leaves. Reservations are recommended.

Around 15 euros for a meal without drinks.

Address & Phone
14 Rue Caillaux 75013 Paris France
Phone: 01 44 23 73 65

L' Afghanistan - Delicious Cuisine from a Rugged Land

So what is Afghani cusine all about?

Well you may say that it has Persian & Indian influences. This restaurant has delicious dishes try the Qabely (lamb with rice, vegetables and dry fruits), the Shalgham (veal with turnips, rice and honey), or the Khorrmes (similar to the India kormas). Service might be at times slow but is friendly and helpful

Around 20-25 euros carte without drinks.

Address & Phone
48, rue Saint-Maur 75011 Paris
01 49 23 02 91