Paris Food Bites


Café Panique - Inventive French Cuisine

What happens when a former German teacher decides to become a chef?

Well, you get Café Panique, a restaurant that serves up delicious and inventive French cuisine.

Chef Odile Guyader has created an intimate, minimalist ambiance in her restaurant and places a premium on fresh produce that she personally buys from the nearby St Quentin market. Some creative dishes that her restaurant serves are verbena and foie gras, red cabbage à la flammande and caramelized apple, chocolate with salted butter and spiced red wine.

If you want reasonably priced and high quality inventive French cuisine, Café Panique is the place to go. Reservations are recommended.

Set Menu (starter, main & dessert): 35 euros; Wine: 30 euros onwards

Address & Phone
12 Rue Messageries 75010 Paris, France
Phone: 01 47 70 06 84

Les Artistes - Soft Lights & Good Food

New York style lighting and lounge ambiance – this is the first thing you notice when you enter Les Artistes. The cocktails are great – they actually have alcohol in them unlike in most Parisian cafés where cocktails are watered down versions of the original recipes.

Food is typically French with the occasional nod to fusion cooking. I particularly like the raviolis with cepes, tandoori prawns, hearty steak and chocolate tiramisu.

In summer, their outside sitting is a big draw with people having drinks until 2 am. Reservations are recommended.

Starters: 6.90 Euros; Mains: 17.90 Euros; Desserts: 6.90 Euros
Menus : 25.90 for 2 courses ; 29.90 for 3 courses.
Wines: 3 Euros (glass) to 40 Euros (bottle)

Address & Phone
60, rue Didot, 75014-Paris
Phone: 01 45 43 30 24

Miroglio - Authentic Italian Cooking

Mama mia ! This place serves the best cappucino in Paris. The expresso is of course perfect.

What I like about this place is their buffets (antipasti, pasta, salads). Depending on the type of buffet you want, the prices range from 11 to 19 euros.

Buffets: 11 to 19 euros; Wine: 4 euros (glass) to 60 euros (bottle); Main dishes: 13 to 20 euros

Address & Phone
88 rue Saint Martin, 75004-Paris
Phone: 01 42 71 21 24

Les Petits Plats - the Bustling Bistro

A bustling restaurant that is a pleasant change from your typical bistro fare that you get in Paris. At the Petits Plats you can choose to have a half portion of the main dishes – this is really great as you can taste several dishes.

A good starter was Velouté glace de bettrave, coriandre et poivre (cold beet soup). I also liked the Joue de boeuf en dauge provençal (beef cheeks), piece de cochon avec des carottes fondants (sweet caramelized pork chop with carrots). For dessert I recommend the Ile flottante aux graines de vanille (a light dessert filled with sweetened poached egg whites).

The staff is lively and friendly without any of the aloofness you sometimes get in Paris. Reservations are recommended.

Starters : 8 - 16 €; Main dishes : 16 - 30 €; Bottle of wine : 18 to 120 €; Lunch Menu : 17€; Tasting Menu: 35€

Address & Phone
39 rue des Plantes, 75014 Paris, France
Phone +33 (0) 1 45 42 50 52

Au Dernier Bistro - Basque Liveliness in Paris

A friendly bistro serving Basque food and beer and always packed with people enjoying themselves. I love their crunchy pig ears (yes, you read that right) and cold cuts platters. Do check out the Basque cheese Ossau Iraty with blackberry jam. They have very good salads, tartines, omelettes and hearty main courses. The place to go if you are in the mood for a hearty feel good meal with dank basque beer or wine with a nice cold meat/cheese platter.

Starters: 5 to 10 euros; Platters: 11 to 15 euros; Menus: 14.90 euros (Lunch) and 19 euros (Dinner); Tartines & omelettes: 7 to 12 euros; Salades: 11.50 to 14 euros; Wine: 6.5 euros (25cl jug) to 30 euros (bottle)

Address & Phone
70, Bd de Grenelle, 75015 PARIS
Phone: 01 45 75 01 23

Daraton - Tasty Cretan Food made in front of you

Pint-sized restaurant with incredible home made Greek/Cypriot food. The owner cooks your dishes in front of you while pouring you a nice ouzo. In this restaurant everything is made from scratch – the tomatoes, meat and onions are chopped for each dish, the pastries are cooked in the oven and the cheese is crushed for the starters. All of this does take time but is well worth it as you get an excellent meal made especially for you

Closed on Tuesdays and Sundays. Open only for dinner on other days.

Around 25 Euros including Starter, Main Dish & Dessert

Address & Phone
22, rue Edouard Jacques, 75014-Paris
Phone: 01 40 47 69 77