Paris Food Bites


Coffee India - Subtle Ambiance & Tasty Food

An tastefully decorated restaurant with subtle lights - a nice mix between a lounge and restaurant. Try one of their signature cocktails with their Indian tapas platter (chicken wings, pakoras, smosas, tikkas,...).

I particularly like their chicken cocunut curry and vegetable thali (platter). Note that the curries have been toned down to suit French tastes. That said you can ask the chef to spice up your dish.

Great place to go for a nice cocktails and quality Indian food.

Starters: 7 to 10 euros; Main Dishes: 15 to 21 euros; Desserts: 6 to 8 euros; Wine: 18 to 30 euros

Address & Phone
27, rue Gassendi - 75014 Paris, Phone: 01 43 20 07 64

Muniyandi vilas - Delicious South Indian Street Food

You get a tea, a barothas and three vegetables curries plus three chutneys for 2.90 euros – all are delicious!

This is mouth watering South Indian street food served fast and cheap. Their speciality is their barothas – you can see the cooks making them in front of you as you wait. I also like the spicy chic peas and the lamb liver. Does not take reservations, and you might have to stand in line to get a table.

The right place for a tasty street food meal - if you are alone expect to be seated next to someone you don't know with whom you can strike up a conversation.

Very cheap and very tasty. A proper meal starts at 2.90 euros! You are not going to break the piggy bank so don’t worry about the prices

Address & Phone
207 rue de Faubourg St. Denis, 75010-Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 40 36 13 48

Krishna Bhavan - Home Made South Indian Food

A small vegetarian restaurant serving excellent home-made South Indian food. Try the Puris with their vegetables (I particularly like the Puri with chic peas).

The thali (rice with several types of vegetable curries and chutneys) has a whole gamut of flavors that you should like. Check out also the masala dosas and samosas. This place is often full and you may have to wait in line especially over the weekend.

Starters: 2 to 4 euros; Main dishes: 7 to 12 euros

Address & Phone
24 rue Cail, 75010 - Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 42 05 78 43

Chez Faisal – Down Home North Indian/Punjabi Cooking

5 euros for a delicious North Indian/Pakistani curry, salad and tandoori whole wheat chappatis!
Try beating this! One of my Indian friends summed it up pretty well-it’s like going to eat at an aunty’s place – you know that the food is going to be different from your mom’s and it will be delicious. All of the curries are perfect- they have been cooked for hours instead of being served up in 15 minutes flat ensuring that the spices permeate the ingredients – I have a strong preference for the Paya (a delicious goat leg soup in spices and cooked on a slow fire for hours and hours).

The dal and vegetables are very tasty and the tandoori chappatis are served piping hot straight from the tandoor oven.

This is not a sophisticated place ambiance-wise (more like a traîteur) but it sure beats hands down all North Indian/Pakistani restaurants that I know in Paris from an authenticity/taste perspective. Note that they do not serve any alcohol and do not take reservations. Open only for Lunch.

Starters: 2 to 3 euros; A main dish with salad and tandoori chappatis: 5 euros; Drinks: 2 to 5 euros; Desserts: 2 to 3 euros

Address & Phone
11 rue Jarry, 75010 - Paris
Phone: 01 45 23 34 64

Saravana Bhavan - South Indian Food at its most Authentic

The first thing that strikes you about this restaurant is the number of people waiting in line to get in.
A rush to get into a vegetarian restaurant in Paris? Oui! The food is South Indian and has a distinct home made feel to it. The Dosas are crisp, the samabars have the right consistency, the idlis are fluffy, the chutneys are spicy and the vadas are piping hot.
 In the mood for variety? Pick the South Indian meal with two puris, rice and eight small bowls of different curries for 12 euros.

Note that this is a strictly vegetarian restaurant and does not take any reservations.

South India meal: 12 euros; Dishes and starters: 4 to 10 euros; Drinks: 3 to 16 euros; Desserts 3 to 6 euros

Address & Phone
170 Rue du Faubourg St Denis, 75010 Paris, France